Visual design / mobile UI

Bandsintown for Spotify

Visual Design and UX, Spring 2013

For Bandsintown, a social event discovery platform, it was very exciting to have the opportunity to hook into Spotify's large audience of music lovers and extensible desktop software. We sought to fuse the strong core of Bandsintown's the mobile event discovery experience with Spotify's music streaming capabilities harmoniously.


Bandsintown has over 5 Million users who RSVP for over half a million events each month via their mobile and web platforms. After creating a profile, Bandsintown automatically scans user's music libraries on a variety of platforms to identify preferred artists and recommend local events. Creating a native experience with Spotify enabled Bandsintown not only to scan user's existing music libraries, but to combine Bandsintown's recommendation services with Spotify's streaming services, in effect creating a locally relevant music recommendation service. 


Bandsintown's core experience is based around four interactions: Discovering a desired artists, RSVPing for an event, purchasing tickets and sharing events. In the mobile experience, Bandsintown features the ability to stream music by suggested artists, enabling users to discover content and events. Building on this core concept, the Bandintown for Spotify app automatically generates a playlist based on a combination of their preferred artists and Bandsintown's suggested artists, all of whom have upcoming local events.

Building on Bandsintown's mobile design language, the Concert Cloud is a visual representation of a user's tracked artists and Bandsintown's suggested artists. 
Spotify's rich library of high quality artist images enabled us to create an eye-catching collage, each leading instantly to streaming content.
Chronological Calendar view of upcoming events with tooltip teasing Bandsintown's recommended Weekly Playlist feature.
Bandsintown's Weekly Recommended Playlist

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