Visual design / mobile UI

American Express Mobile App Redesign (Cross-platform)

Visual Design, UX, Summer 2015

Launched summer 2015, I lead the visual design of the first Android platform native mobile app from American Express. This project was part of a larger redesign of the mobile app across both platforms, which sought to modernize the membership experience and present users with a clear interface organized around their most common tasks. The design team behind the new Amex app would be the first digital team to operate entirely in house, and work closely with development and product teams to realize a user-centered mobile experience. 

User Needs

Given a broad mandate to shape aspects of the user journey from login to push messaging, we first identified core needs through market research, mobile analytics, and user interviews. We found that users sought to accomplish three primary goals:

Users want to know how much they owe and when they have to pay.

Users want to know how much they’ve spent recently and where.

Users want to know what they’re getting/earning as an American Express card member.


In addition to addressing these primary user needs, our team also sought to:

Create platform specific UX.

Maintain feature parity with the existing app.

Create an extensible IA that will support future features.

Address accessibility and device fragmentation head on, so as to support a wide range of devices.

Achieve meaningful simplicity.

Redesigned Experience

Video overview of app functionality, highlighting visual design system on Android.

Billing encompasses the current statement, past statements and past payments. A status graphic indicates when the current statement is due, and when it is past due. Users can view the balances that total their current statement and make a payment.


Activity presents all the transactions from the current billing cycle up to the current statement. A timeline metaphor reinforces the continuous nature of daily spending, and helps locate recent purchases contextually. Recent Charges are also totaled to indicate the amount of recent spend.


Rewards displays users' Membership Rewards points balance, the most prominent benefit of Amex membership. Users may redeem these points to pay for recent charges. Information is also presented on additional benefits associated with the particular card a user has.


Offers serves new and nearby Amex merchant offers, with the ability to sort by category. Users can see which offers they’re enrolled in, and how much money they are saving as a result, reinforcing the value of membership.


Feature placement in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

4.5 star rated app with over 4.6MM active Card Members, increasing monthly active users by 70% and daily active users by 93% over previous app release.

Users average 11 unique visits per month, almost triple the number of web visits per user.

  © Henry Lancaster III, 2015