Visual design / mobile UI

Redesigning Bandsintown for Android

Visual Design and UX Concepts, Spring 2013


Bandsintown offers free concert recommendations to millions of users a month. Based on data gathered from users' listening habits, Bandsintown provides a customized experience to listeners of every genre. This redesign sought to bring the app into compliance with Android ICS and design a visually appealing Android native experience.


Bandsintown's core experience is based around four interactions: Discovering  desirable artists, RSVPing for an event, purchasing tickets and sharing events. In the mobile experience, Bandsintown features a tag cloud of artist names, with a slider at the bottom that increases or decreases the number of suggested artists. 

This redesign (as seen to the right) added artist images to the tag cloud navigation, and the ability to RSVP to events inline, thereby eliminating the need for users to navigate away from the discovery flow in order to RSVP for an event.
(Right) Artist profile pages were consolidated to surface information relevant to users, leading with similar artists to improve discoverability. (Left) Introduction of Android native navigation patterns.
Gallery view for browsing popular artists

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